B.A.P Attack Ep. 1 

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We are B.A.P, Yes Sir!!

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B.A.P over Flowers; ©

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75|100 photos of Jonghyun// Airport Fashion [White Ver]

color meme - daehyun + mint for buxiban

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ZELO in Coffee Shop MV 

"I’m always thankful because the younger members all follow me well. Because we live together and have been stuck together for a long time, a lot of our thoughts and actions have similar points, so it feels like the six of us are one family.” — Yongguk

scans by kpopscansforyou & ashouming | translations by akdongs

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BAP No Mercy JPN era; ©

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Coutdown to Bang Yong Guk's 24th Birthday D-4
↪ Coffee Shop